Special Interest Groups


    This SIG resolved to undertake the following: 1. Embed in the curriculum and instruction of all levels the relevant and universal principles and essence of peace education, respect for human rights, and global citizenship; 2. Contextualize learning to encompass the cognitive, affective, and behavioural values, skills, and competencies of educators and learners to promote as well as demonstrate inner and relational peace, global mind-set, and respect for human rights and dignity; 3. Create modules and learning activities for administrators, faculty and students in all levels to reinforce empathy, care and understanding of a common humanity and interconnectedness founded in the family, society and the world; 4. Conduct training, workshops, sharing of research and studies, and collaborative undertakings to deepen, broaden, and promote the WCCI advocacies, particularly on peace education, respect for human rights and global citizenships; and 5. Partner and network with local and international curriculum designers, policy makers, NGOs, agencies and organizations in spreading, continuous sharing, generating resources, and sustaining programs and initiatives on peace education, human rights, and global citizenship.