Special Interest Groups


    The children are the heart and soul of the Pre-school family. These children grow and develop best when they have a safe and stable relationship at home and in school. Children-centered environmentsmake them explore and learn on their own pace,where conditionsare encouraging and constructive.

    The members of this SIG recommend that sufficient real life, classroom immersion and actual job engagement of all aspiring preschool educators are indispensable prior to graduation. Welltrained teachers will grasp that children have rights as individuals and children learn and cope differently. They believe that sufficient training enable preschool teachers better appreciate and understand that “play” is our brains’ favourite way of learning. Big concepts and concerns are to be addressed like the need to promote constructivist theory, the relationship theory, mutual respect among stakeholders, the opportunity for children to create things, and the student ratio per class. To establish and further strengthen the relationship between parents and educators in the holistic formation of the child, there needs to be a strong school-home collaboration and partnership. Above all, early childhood educators are global citizens, role models, who committed to espouse the values of love, diversity, peace, respect and equality.