Equity. Peace. Universal realization of human rights—these were the main themes discussed during the official launch of the Global Citizenship Education Program at St. Paul University Philippines this January 17, 2019.

The said ceremony, which emphasized the need for multi-cultural world community, invited three renowned advocates from the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI).

Dr. Toh Swee-Hin (WCCI President), addressed the Paulinians and reminded them that the Church’s celebration of the Year of the Youth comes with important considerations: the Eucharistic concept of “Beloved,” Dr. Toh explains, must mean not only the state of being loved, but to take action to love other people as well. In his message, Dr. Toh also reminded the Paulinian students about giftedness, and the empowerment that springs from education.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charlotte Royeen and Dr. Matin Royeen (Board Member, WCCI) also shared their time and expertise in addressing the Paulinian audience of the importance of healthcare in the modern world, as well the role that culture plays in shaping a man. As Dr. Matin added, “[the culture] haunts your past, engages you in the present, and keeps you preoccupied of the future.”

The said education program launched in SPUP means that the university shares the WCCI’s vision of the integration in the school curricula the “[d]evelopment of each student’s comprehensive sense of respect of self, others, the environment; and the capacity to participate at all levels of world society from local to global.” As Dr. Toh asserted, the students, together with the educators and administrators now have a big responsibility, not just being a “good national citizen, but a good global citizen.”

WCCI’s focal points are not limited to peace, community development or environmental sustainability; in fact, on the topic of gender equity, the president of the WCCI stated that the human rights are not only applicable to a man or a woman but also to the marginalized members of the community. The said launching ceremony was attended by around 800 Paulinian students together with the faculty members, SPC Sisters and the Board Members of WCCI-Philippine Chapter.