Ribbon cutting ceremony. L-R: Val Kilmer Donadillo, SiBat’s president; Carlito Fernandez, SinTa’s representative; Christina Conche, principal, St. James Academy, Malabon; Dr. Genevieve Balance-Kupang, Chair, SIG, World Council for Curriculum & Instruction, Engr. Ossama Al Azzouni, president, International Center for Social Research, Peace, & Development; and Myrene Bryan Limoncito, Fisher Mall’s assistant mall operations manager.


On June 12, 2023, the Philippines will celebrate its 125th “Araw ng Kasarinlan o Kalayaan” (Day of Independence or Freedom) from the hands of the colonizers. 1898 marked the first Philippine Independence Day (PID) from Spain. In the spirit of “kasarinlan,” Fisher Mall, Malabon sponsors an Arts Exhibit from June 4-15, 2023, featuring Sining Tambobong (SINTA) and Sining Batambobong (SIBAT) dubbed “TIMELESS,” an apt theme for this 2023 exhibit. It is interlinked to last May’s countrywide festivity of the National Heritage Month (Buwan ng Mga Pamana) themed: Change and Continuity or “Pamana: Pagpatuloy at Pagbabago.” For this year’s 125th commemoration of independence and nationhood, the theme is “Kalayaan. Kinabukasan. Kasaysayan (Freedom. Future. History).”

Mercado, Eric. Selebrasyong Pinoy (Filipino Celebration). June 2023. Acrylic on Canvas. 30” X 40.” Painter Eric’s love of country is expressed in his heightened social consciousness by creating art works that depicts national and local life’s events.

Opening Salvo and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Art Exhibit on June 4, 2023

The Lumina Dance Ensemble entertain the artists and guests with Karatong Subli, a folk dance from Cuyo, Palawan.

On June 4, during the Opening of the Art Exhibit, the Lumina Dance Ensemble showcased their nationalism, patriotism, and pride in one’s culture by entertaining the mall patrons, guests, and cultural creatives with a folk dance, Karatong Subli. Thanks to the creative supervision of Mr. Rodi Piolino, the artistic director.

Myrene Bryan Limoncito, the assistant mall operations manager of Fisher Mall, Malabon renders his welcome remarks.

Patron of Arts’ Celebratory Messages

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang, the WCCI chair of the Special Interest Groups and Coordinator of Peace Education articulated that Cultural Creatives Celebration is the acknowledgement that art works had been artistically and meticulously made, and ought to be rendered for visibility so that we can be inspired and strengthened as civilized citizenry to act for the common good. As UNESCO creative cities network propose, cities like Malabon can utilize culture and creativity as a strategic lever for sustainable urban development.

Thrilled and honored to be invited the second time, Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang urges the key stakeholders of Malabon including the artists to commit to enhancing their contribution in culture and creativity so that they can apply to UNESCO Creative Cities in one or two of the seven creative fields: Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts or Music.

Ama ng SiBat (Father of SiBat), Engr. Ossama Al Azzouni delivers his solidarity message. He maybe a foreigner from Saudi Arabia, but the Malabon budding artists respect him as their “father” for his generous support of them. Photo credit: DWIZ 882 IZTV NEWS/Danny Cruz

Engr. Al Azzouni, an avid ally of the Malabon artists from Jeddah, shared that “that ART is an international language, and every country has its own taste and accent… The artist uses art to introduce her/his own identity, and beauty. S/He is not a photocopy machine, and the artist infuses her/his human experience in it, sharing her/his message to society. The message is to raise up the values of her/his society. Even prior to colonization, the Filipinos have deep roots and identity, he said. And the role of the artist is to bring back people to their very deep roots, to be stronger, and flourish. The art manifests one’s civilization and the humanity of the people. Many civilizations perished and the art records remain even after the artists have passed away…”

Malabon Vice-Mayor Bernard Dela Cruz congratulates the performers and artists and assures the artists of his abiding support for the flourishing of culture and the arts in the city.

Salute to all the Artists

Hurray to Malabon’s creative artists christened SinTa and SiBat. They, who mastered the art of using shapes, lines, forms, and colors, producing spellbinding symmetry, harmony, and brilliance.

One of the art works that captured my attention is the masterpiece of Artist Aaron Manaloto.

Artist Aaron Manaloto with his wife Renalene Yepes Manaloto, 27yrs. old and my son Andrei Riley Y. Manaloto is 4yrs old. Lumaya't Lumipad. June 4, 2023. Acrylic on Canvas. 20” x 30”

Here is his explanation for his artwork Lumaya’t Lumipad. "Mahaba pa ang lalakbayin, pero kailangan palayain ang mga bagay na nagpapabigat sa ating dalahin. Lumipad ka at lumayang parang ibong nasa himpapawid. Buksan ang puso at isipang maraming kinukubli, pakawalan upang matanaw nang mundo kung gaano ka kayabong."

Fisher Mall’s June 2023 Timeless Art Exhibit as it celebrates with the rest of the Filipinos all over the world, the Philippine’s independence, and nationhood.

Tagumpay Nating Lahat closing number by Eirella Alfa Isubol, Shayne Toledana and the Lumina Dance Ensemble.

As a cultural mapper and advocate of culture and the arts, I tender my utmost gratitude to the managers of Fisher Mall, Malabon: Raimiel Mercado, marketing officer, Angela Camille Miranda, marketing manager, Myrene Bryan Limoncito, assistant mall operations manager, and Miladel Ortega, mall manager for offering a beneficial space for our seasoned and young artists to showcase the products of their talents and gifts.

There is strength in cooperation. Fisher Mall’s marketing officer, Mr. Raimiel Mercado (5th fr. L), assistant mall operations manager Mr. Myrene Bryan Limoncito (Far right), and Sir Carlito Fernandez, SiBat’s adviser pose for posterity with the guests: (L-R) Ms. Cristina Conche, Jerlyn Bug-ot, Sr. Myrna Quijada, OP, Marwa Hasan, Dr. Genevieve B. Kupang (WCCI SIG Chair & Coordinator of Peace Education), Engr. Ossama Al Azzouni, Mariam Al Azzouni (guest artist), Prof. Louniza Napay (WCCI SIG on Peace Education member), and ReyJohn Napay.

Likewise, Sining Tambobong (SinTa) and Sining Batambobong (SiBat) express their profound thanks to the master of ceremony Aldrick Matthew Antonio for his special participation, the performing artists-dancers and singers, family members, guests and supporters who came to celebrate and joined in the opening of the art exhibit.

Mabuhay ang mga SinTa at SiBat! Mabuhay ang mga eskultor, pintor, mang-aawit, mananayaw, multi-media artists! Mabuhay ang taga-Malabon! Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

Pay a visit to the Timeless Art Exhibit at Fisher Mall, 3rd Floor Event Center from today until June 15, 2023. You will be amazed and enchanted with Sining Tambobong and Batambobong’s masterworks. The artists are there to share with you the inspirations behind their art that celebrates Freedom, Future, and History.