“Education saves and transforms lives, it is the bedrock of sustainability. We must work together across all development areas to make it a universal right.” – UNESCO Dir. Gen. Irina Bokova

After three years of social distancing and online forums, the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) Philippine Chapter held its National Convention at the Bayview Park Hotel, Manila, on February 11, 2023, themed “WCCI Making Inroads in Education Towards Quality, Sustainability, and Peace.” Vanessa Vandevoort, master of ceremony, welcomed and acknowledged the 91 participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Opening Remarks and President’s Report

In her opening remarks, Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC expressed ‘Today, we make the most of our quality time and opportunity to belong and be part of the blossoming and growth of a transnational non-government organization affiliated with the United Nations, the WCCI, as we journey together towards a more fruitful and impactful post-pandemic transition and beyond. As it is said, a life well-lived is purpose-driven and full of self-giving. WCCI is a purpose-driven cause-oriented international organization anchored on quality education as the driving force in pursuing a more peaceful, equitable, sustainable, and better world.’

Sr. Merceditas then shared her President’s Report highlighting the accomplishments of the Chapter during the covid-19 pandemic era. She concluded by expressing her gratitude for the trust accorded to her and the affectionate collaboration demonstrated by the active members despite the lockdowns.

Talk on Whole Brain Literacy (WBL)

Dr. Perla Sunga Intia, a seasoned WCCI member and the president of the Grain of Wheat College, Inc. gave a talk on Whole Brain Literacy (WBL). It is an approach that taps into the whole thinking potentials and faculty of the human brain to enable, engender, encourage, and empower the human person to Be, Behave, and Become the best of his/her endowed potential.

Admired for her passion for her advocacies, the 79 y/o consultant and trainer, Dr. Intia, has been passing on her wisdom to the younger generations of scholars and researchers. She is supported by a team of WBL experts: Dr. Ronnel Samudio-Basic Education, Dr. Arlyne Marasigan-Research, Dr. Alan Cananigo-Math, Science, Reasoning, Dr. Joel Lopez-Organizational Development Management, Ms. Sally Labanda-WBL Reading.

WCCI trustee Sr. Bernadette Racadio, SPC giving reassuring comments and feedback to Speaker Dr. Intia for the comprehensive, rich and inspiring presentation.The Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Trustee Sr. Flordeliza Deza, SPC explained the significance of belonging and being active in the SIGs which is the lifeblood of WCCI. Four SIGs were facilitated by the experienced implementers of UN SDG #4: Dr. Stella Galang for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD or Environment), Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang for Peace Education, Dr. Victoria Naval for Education for Social Transformation, and Sr. Flordeliza Deza, SPC for Global Citizenship Education.

SIG on Global Citizenship Education

After introducing themselves to each other, especially the newcomers, there were clarifications and deepening of Global Citizenship concepts anchored on the motto “there is unity in diversity, as global and borderless citizens of the world.’ They also had a sharing of best practices and these were the following: 1) Awareness of global citizenship, issues and rights; 2) Glocal-think global, act local practices and campaigns; 3) understanding one’s culture respectfully and responsibly; 4) integration of global citizenship in all subject areas; 5) tapping different gifts -mind, values, attitudes, and actions; 6) strengthening partnerships and linkages with other institutions in Asia and other countries promoting dialogue, personal encounters, exchanging solutions to real problems; cross-cultural exchanges; 7) promotion of internationalization in their respective institutions as hubs of learning; 8) encouraging learners to participate in the different advocacies with the educators as guides and models.

The report on the other SIGs will be featured in Part Two of this article. The link will be shared once published.

Invitation to the International Conference

Hon. Emerita Garon, the current WCCI Intl. president, discussed the theme for the upcoming 20th WCCI International Conference 2023 which is Transforming Our World: The Role of Education in Global Sustainability, scheduled on October 22-27, 2023. It was initially planned to be held at Portobello Hotel & Spa Antalya, Turkiye. Due to the recent devastating earthquake in Turkiye, a new venue, Greece, was recommended by the body and approved by the board of trustees.

The Newly Elected Trustees The multi-awarded WCCI mentor Dr. Teresita Pedrajas assisted by the past president Dr. Carol Danao facilitated the election of the new board of directors since some of the current trustees are ending their term. The newly elected officers are Ms. Belen Lim, Dr. Stella Maria Galang, Dr. Philip Cuizon, Dr. Aimee Mauricio, Dr. Ruben Abucayon, and Mr. Nico Candelario.

The newly elected trustees with the past and current Leaders. L-R: Dr. Teresita Pedrajas, Sr. Merceditas Ang, SPC, Dr. Ruben Abucayon, Hon. Emerita Garon, Dr. Philip C. Cuizon, Dr. Aimee C. Mauricio, Dr. Carol Danao, Dr. Stella Maria Galang, Dr. Victoria C. Naval, Ms. Belen Lim, and Mr. Nico Candelario. Photo Credit: Karen Evardo. The singing of the WCCI Hymn (music and lyrics) by trustee Sr. Bernadette Racadio, SPC, concluded the event.