ARTABLADO: BALIK -TaNoW, “Malabon, Noon at Ngayon” Art Exhibit
Participation of Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang, WCCI, SIG Chair

Art Exhibit

by Genevieve Balance Kupang

“Visual arts were meticulously designed using colors, forms, lines, and shapes, among others

Broaching uniqueness, semblances, and contrasts

Combined together, they spell symmetry, peace, love, harmony, and brilliance

Creative expressions of humanity’s unique narratives through the art.”

Culture and the Arts

“Pamanang Lokal: Binhi ng Kulturang Pilipino” (Local Heritage: Seed of Filipino Culture) is the theme of this year’s National Heritage Month in the Philippines. May is dedicated to amplifying the significance of conserving and fostering home-grown heritage within the local community and its bearing on cultivating the Filipino cultural uniqueness and character.

According to the National Commission for Culture and the arts, the festivity endeavors to create among the Filipinos respect, love, and consciousness for the legacies of our motherland’s cultural narratives, memoirs, or history.

The Art Exhibit, dubbed “BalikTaNow: Malabon, Noon at Ngayon” by the Sining Batambobong or the Malabon Young Artists (MYA) is an apt contribution to the celebration of the National Heritage Month. But, here in Malabon, their celebration is admirably extended until June 15.

The exhibit is held on the first floor of the Robinsons Town Mall (RTM), Malabon. Upholding the importance of supporting the arts, Robinsons has been accommodating the Malabonian artists in the past years. As a response, the community of artists, their parents, and networks accorded their heartfelt gratitude to RTM for their loving partnership with the budding artists and for providing the venue for the exhibit. They are especially appreciative of Ma’am Jasmin Lucio, the Regional Operations Manager, and her team.

Sharing in the nation’s celebration, the Sining Batambobong (SB) enjoins all non-government organizations, academic institutions, cultural agencies, consulates and embassies of the Philippines, community learning resource centers, and agencies of the national government, through their generous sharing of their unique talents in culture and the arts.

The SB participating artists are Val Kilmer Donadillo, Marvin Magdaraog, Venice Caragdag , Claire Anne D. Torreliza, Merry Rose Gregorio, Jericho Faraon, Onio Faraon, Aaron Cedrick Manaloto, Eugene Charles Indico, Garrlyn Eve Caragdag, Louiesse Pascual, Andrew James Armas, Karla Mae Claveria, Liane Miguelle Pascual, and their mentor Lito Fernandez.

The occasion also provided the opportunity to bestow special thanks to the phenomenal obra maestras of our national artists and Maestros like Multi-awarded Filipino artist Angel Cacnio, Romeo ‘Romi’ Mananquil, and Ernie Patricio, among others. These are brilliant and highly esteemed personalities who called on the present generations to be rooted in our culture and recognize the valuable legacies and heritages passed on to us by our forebears.

According to Lito Fernandez, every time Maestro Cacnio asked Fernandez and “Onio” to visit him, Fernandez would usually draw portraits of him. Cacnio would then scrutinize it, sign it himself, and express “Ikaw talaga kaya mahal kita e,” and then he smiles. Fernandez voiced that the renowned Cacnio was like a father to him.

Vice-Mayor Ninong De La Cruz, in his speech, shared the significance of a museum in the city, thus he was instrumental in proposing to Mayor Antolin Oreta III to institute a museum in their cherished city where stakeholders can learn from its history and rich cultural heritage. He took the opportunity to acknowledge and show gratitude to the Malabonians for supporting him again for the second time in the recent elections.

Dr. Genevieve Balance Kupang, on the other hand, expressed her profound gratitude for inviting her to grace the occasion and for representing WCCI in the special event. She said that their organization supports the promotion of unity in diversity and for letting unique cultural identities thrive using one’s creativity and sustainable innovations. She expressed “I teach Reading Visual Arts to university students, and I became conscious that there is a Spirituality to it.” After catching sight of their breath-taking and diverse creations, she thanks the great God for gifting her with the eyes to see these splendors.

Indeed, one of the benefits of mastering the art of seeing, is, that, we become better at building and maintaining relationships, receiving, and giving hospitality and camaraderie while sharing the unique stories of what inspired us to make art.

Please visit the Artablado: Balik-TaNOW Art Exhibit at Robinsons Town Mall, Activity Area from today until June 15, 2022. Sining Batambobong’s masterpieces will let you feel awe and wonder. They are also available to narrate to you their inspirations in creating their art.

Mabuhay ang mga Sining Batambobong! Mabuhay ang mga taga-Malabon!